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Father's Day Stories: Sean Casey

Sean Casey is a father of two – 19 year-old Sean Casey and five-year-old Pearl Gianna Grace.

Their plans for Fathers Day? Go with the flow.

Sean has been getting chemotherapy treatment since March. He was diagnosed with stage three follicular non-hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“My son was about to graduate high school and my daughter was just turning five and I’m saying to myself man I am going to even see my daughter graduate?”

It’s his kids… he says that makes the fight against cancer worth the battle.

Sean is balancing being a father, managing his four TwinCutz barber shops, teaching at the Paul Mitchell school all on top of his chemotherapy treatments.

All while sending the message of positivity in his daily life.

On this Father’s Day we wish Sean and all of the fathers out there a Happy Fathers Day!

Reporting by Brittany Muller