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Family Struggles After Buying a Car That Won't Start

Son has to travel to Miami every two weeks to see medical specialist

“It’s hard. It’s hard not knowing where you’re going to get the money to even buy dinner that night. It’s hard.”

Nikki Meneses’ life is full of stress.

One burden she didn’t need – a dead car. A used car she just bought.

“Before we even left the lot we noticed the engine was rattling, he said ‘Oh it’s just the motor mount, bring it back sometime next week I’ll fix that for you,” Meneses said.

Now, they’re out four grand and a car. But her main concern is how it will affect her son’s health… and how she’ll get nine year old Jorden to specialized doctors appointments.

“He has something that’s called Doose Syndrome. He has multiple seizures at night, he has nocturnal seizures.”

Every two weeks Nikki drives Jorden two hours to Miami to see the specialist who is trying to help with his seizures.

They have a rental until Friday, after that, Nikki isn’t sure how she’ll get her son to and from his important doctors visits.

“Every two weeks. He has an echocardiogram and have a his heart checked, because one of the medicines he’s on that’s one of the side effects. So we go often, every two weeks,” said Meneses.

The family started a GoFund Me page to try to replace the money they lost on the dead car and use it to buy reliable travel to and from Miami. You can visit the page here