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Fake Online Reviewers: How to Spot Them

In the world of the Internet, all of Southwest Florida’s businesses are striving for decent online reviews.

“You do your best to strive for that 5-star review,” said a representative of Pam’s Motor City, an auto repair shop in Fort Myers.

Pam’s Motor City in Fort Myers has plenty of dashing reviews. But it’s also been the victim of fake reviews. Possibly by competitors.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, buying or selling fake reviews are illegal.

LifeHacker fleshed out a couple of fake reviews. Some of the top giveaways are “extremely glowing 5-star reviews, proper nouns and marketing speak.”

“If it was well written, clearly makes sense, and it looks like somebody they can relate to, they might take it to heart and think, ‘oo, that could be me.’”

So pay attention. To the language. And the reviewer.

As they always say: if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.