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Facebook Users Beware: Keep Your Account Safe From Impersonation Hoax

6:44 PM, Oct 08, 2018


Tamika Cody

We’re seeing more and more hoax warnings popping up on our Facebook news feeds and cluttering our inboxes with threats of being hacked.

Facebook Hoaxes on the Rise

Over the weekend, Facebook users received warnings either in their news feed or in a private message that they should not accept friend requests that appears to be from them.

One of the warnings told Facebook friends to do the following:

“Hold your finger down on the message until the forward button pops up... then click on the names on your list and it will send it to them.”

If you follow through with the instructions, hackers will have access to your existing photos and personal information, which will then be used to "clone" your account.

Once the cloned account is made, hacker will send friend requests to your current friends on Facebook. The hacker is trying to reconnect with your friends in hope to get more personal information about you, according to Webopedia .

In an email to HelloSWFL, a spokeswoman from Facebook shared several tips of how the company is handling impersonations.

In its statement, Facebook said it is aware that "some people are seeing posts or messages about accounts being cloned on Facebook." And the messages and post are in the form of a "chain mail."

The social media company "encourages" anyone who suspects they encountered an impersonating type message, that they report it to Facebook through its fake account reporting tool.

Facebook said the company has teams that reviews each report and they take the appropriate action—including setting checkpoints or shutting down profiles if necessary.