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Explosive Vape Pen Responsible for Man’s Death

An autopsy report found that the 38-year-old St. Petersburg man was accidentally killed by an exploding vape pen.

The Medical Examiner reported that the explosion sent two pieces of the vape pen into the man’s cranium.

The report lists the cause of death as “projectile wound of the head.”

The Food and Drug Administration says it’s not clear what causes some vape pens to explode, but it could stem from battery-related issues.

The FDA’s website gives several tips how of you can protect yourself from vape pen battery explosions:

  1. Use vape pens with safety features. For example, fire button lock, vent holes and a device that protects the pen from overcharging.
  2. Replace batteries when they come in contact with water or if they become damaged.
    Keep batteries away from metals like keys and loose change
  3. Use the charger that came with the device.
  4. Use batteries recommend for your device.
  5. Keep the vape pen out of direct sunlight.