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Experts: How to Grieve With the Loss of a Child

There’s no easy way to deal with death, especially when it a child is involved. How do parents deal with the death of their child?

Valarie’s House, a non-profit support group in SWFL shows you what you can do.

“Grief if personal, it’s individual, it comes and goes,” said Angela Melvin, Valarie’s House CEO. “Each journey is individual and personal.”

When you lose a child, there are constant reminders in the home, pictures, drawings, stuffed animals, are you supposed to let those items go? Experts say no.

“Trying to keep the connection with the special person that’s died, whether it’d be a baby, a child or even an adult, that ongoing bond even beyond their lie here is very important,” said Melvin.

Experts say grieving the loss of a child will cause you to close yourself off, but reaching out to others can help you.

“The power comes from coming together, and knowing you’re not alone.”

Reporting by Terrace Myles