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Estero Students Create Gardening Robots That Do The Work For You

Your own garden without the work.

Students at Estero High School have built two fully functioning robots that do everything a garden needs without the need for a human to do any digging, planting or picking.

“The Farmbot is able to start from seed to when you harvest a plant,” said Maxwell Schad, a junior.

“As it grows, the robot waters it and if it detects weeds near the plant, it’s able to attack the weeds and remove them from the situation so the plant (is) able to continue growing,” Schad continued.

But technology doesn’t always cooperate. There has been a lot of trial and error with these robots over the past two years.

“This thing has been a mountain of obstacles. A lot of learning. A lot of disappointment. But hey look we’re here now,” said another junior, Tom Malestein.

“You have to stay dedicated. It’ll mess up on you; it won’t work. You just have to get at it and just keep going and you’ll get there,” said Malestein.

The students had to customize the design of the robot to fit the specific needs of their gardens. So these students are no strangers to designing and redesigning parts.

“I think that that process is a really enjoyable and satisfying process,” said Schad.

Their teacher, Stephen Fisher, said, “It’s teaching kids problem-solving and taking a large idea like a robot that can do farming.”

“It’s definitely been enjoyable to watch how the kids take on a task and challenge themselves,” he said.

The students, teachers and staff recognize this project as a big win and are eager to build on it.