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Erik Elsea: 90 Day Journey Down the Mississippi River

Erik Elsea, of Cape Coral, plans to canoe down the entire length of the Mississippi River in hopes to raise $255,200 for ShelterBox , a global charity that provides humanitarian aid to communities that have gone through a natural disaster.

The journey will take about 90 days and he trains nearly every day.

“I start paddling on July 7th from Itasca State Park in Northern Minnesota and end Oct. 5 in Louisiana,” Erik explained.

Erik will take this journey all by himself but he plans to make stops along the way. “There are river towns. And as a member of the Rotary Club, Rotarians along the journey offered me to come and get a hot meal.”

For every mile he canoes, Erik hopes to raise $100. But the main reason for his journey is to help people who have been displaced by catastrophic events.

“This can happen to you, we know that better than anyone in Southwest Florida, we have the ability to help people on their worst day ever,” said Erik. “When you think of ShelterBox the organization provides shelter, warmth, and dignity.”

Additional reporting by Brittany Muller