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Erica the Eagle: A True Survivor

Erica the Eagle has survived a gun-shot, adapted to living with an amputated wing, and has now recovered from a mosquito-infestation.

Erica the Eagle has recovered yet again.

“A couple months ago, she had almost like a mosquito infestation to where they really started to eat at the feathers on her face,” said Alex Link, an animal expert that works with the Calusa Nature Center.

This isn’t Erica’s first scare, though. According to Link, years ago she was accidentally shot by a hunter and her wing had to be amputated.

“The guy that shot her called (Florida Fish and Wildlife). He waited for them to get there and he actually saved her life (by calling),” recalled Link.

She recovered from that. Her amputation that followed is fully healed. And now she’s also recovered from the mosquito infestation that got really bad.

“The areas around her eyes on her face (had) almost no feathers left and a very palish pink color,” said Link.

The Calusa Nature Center boosted her omegas in an effort to bring her back to health.

“And that really helped with her reproduction, filling out her face,” Link continued.

Things will only get better for Erica from here. After living in a temporary cage for a while, she’ll soon be moved to an aviary on site. It’s much bigger and is being built right now.

“Even though she’s not a flighted bird, it will give her a more aerial view if she wanted to climb up and the ability to go up,” said Link.

He said it’ll have everything she needs.

Erica’s age is unknown. People at the Calusa Nature Center estimate 13-15 years old, but they aren’t totally sure.

What they do know is this bird is a survivor.

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