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Dunbar Sludge: Excavation Process Starts

1:30 PM, Oct 02, 2018


Jalyn Henderson

People living in the community of Dunbar were disappointed when they didn't see machines digging up the toxic sludge on October 1st. In previous discussions and updates, the City of Fort Myers said the cleanup process will start "after the rainy season" on October 1st.

Several local media outlets reported that the City of Fort Myers failed to start digging up the sludge on the scheduled date.

Prep Work Begins at the Dunbar Sludge Site

In an email to HelloSWFL, the City of Fort Myers explained the cleanup efforts have begun. However, before the digging of the sludge can begin, there is prep work that must be done first, which includes:

  • Delivery of materials;
  • Equipment staging;
  • Putting up silt fence and dust screens; and
  • Prepping to remove trees and other vegetation on the land.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection's weekly update explained what will happen within the next three weeks.

"The trees will be mulched on-site," Richard Thompson wrote in the Sept. 28, 2018 weekly update. "The mulch from the tops of the trees will be recycled and utilized for projects around the City of Fort Myers."

The stumps that are leftover will be taken to Lee Hendry Landfill. The "silviculture" part of the process is expected take three to four weeks.

To keep residents up to speed, the City of Fort Myers placed two digital message boards, which explains what will take place through the "anticipated" three-month project.

The city is also keeping the people of Fort Myers up to date on the project through its revamped website,


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