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Dunbar Community Suing the City Over Toxic Waste

People of Dunbar are suing Fort Myers and city leaders over the toxic waste dump site

People of Dunbar are suing Fort Myers and city leaders because for over a decade the city had dumped toxic waste in their neighborhood and still have not cleaned up the toxic waste.

Theresa Hamilton has been living in Dunbar her entire life. Last year Hamilton found out the City of Fort Myers had dumped toxic sludge on an empty lot across her home for over a decade. Like many residents, she is fed up that it is taking the city a long time to clean up the toxic waste.

“If this were going on anywhere down McGregor Boulevard, they would have been corrected the problem, but this is the black community over here. The Dunbar community. They don’t care what’s going on over here.” – Theresa Hamilton

Sammy Jackson lives a couple of houses down from the toxic dump site, and he found out about the toxic sludge by other neighbors. Jackson says that when it rains his yard floods and is worried that his property has been contaminated by the toxic waste.

Earlier this month the Florida Department of Environmental Protection told the city to start cleaning the area by May 11th or conduct more testing, but neither Hamilton or Jackson have seen anything being done to clean the toxic waste site.

“I haven’t seen anybody over there so that’s what I’m concerned about. When I see it. When I see them start working, I’ll feel better about it” – Theresa Hamilton.

Until the cleanup starts, Dunbar neighbors are suing the city for penalties of up to $37,500 a day that the city dumped toxic waste on the empty lot, federal monitoring on the cleanup and a medical monitoring program.

“This is a minority neighborhood that’s been overlooked for years. This contamination the city knew about it they didn’t say anything about it for 20 30 40 years that’s unconscionable. That’s wrong that shouldn’t happen. The city needs to start doing the right thing” , Attorney Ralf Brookes.

Since this is a federal case , it might take years to come to a resolution in court. Meaning that residents of Dunbar might have to wait longer to get their neighborhood cleaned from toxic waste.