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Door-to-Door Sales or Criminal

Earlier this week, there was some buzz about someone who was going door to door about replacing windshields on cars. It concerned people in the community because the man had no proper identification and they were worried he was trying to canvas their house or gain information about it. More recently, Sheriff Potter, of DeSoto County Florida, posted on Facebook:

“Recently, several individuals have been going door-to-door within DeSoto County claiming to be selling vacuum cleaners, wanting the homeowner to complete a survey or requesting assistance. The individuals are also asking to enter the residence and are inquiring as to who all live at the residence. On at least one occasion while the female was speaking with the homeowner another male went around to the back of the homeowner’s residence.
The subjects were identified as Brandon Lee, Jessica Chancey, Jayson Grossman and Korean Bovell. The individuals are driving a red/maroon 4 door SUV. At this time no crime has been committed however; their actions are suspicious.”

He reminds people to always:

-Call the police if they see anything suspicious, no matter how small.
-Never let strangers inside your home
-Do not give out any personal information
-Ask them to leave
-If home alone, do not answer the door

So, how can we tell the difference between a legit sales person and not ?

What do we do if someone comes up claiming to be one?