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Don't Swim! Billy Creek has Dangerously High Levels of Bacteria

Activists and the city disagree on contamination level and what to do

There’s a problem with Billy Creek. It’s not safe because of high levels of bacteria possibly from human or animal feces. Activists say the city, county, and state are playing the blame game.

“Some of the agencies just have basically been looking the other way. When you see this data coming in month after month for 17 years and you’re really not responding to it, to me that’s a problem,” said John Cassani, Calusa Waterkeeper.

After the rainy season, the city will dredge the creek with money it got from the state. Dredging is basically the removal of sediment and other waste from the water. Cassini says it may help but it won’t make the issue go away.

“The legacy bacteria in the creek is coming from sources in the watershed. So you have to control you have to manage the source to really fix the problem.”

No one is exactly sure where the bacteria is coming from but the city is conducting tests this week to try and figure it out.