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Debate Rages Over Parking Boats In Driveways

A common argument in Cape Coral peaks its head again.

There’s a debate stirring among Cape Coral residents over whether or not people should be allowed to park boats in their driveways. One Facebook thread recently reached over 200 comments concerning the matter.

At the moment, it’s not allowed.

The ordinance says, “It shall be unlawful for any person to park, store, keep or maintain, or permit to be parked, stored, kept, or maintained in front or side yard of a single or multiple-family residence, or on a vacant lot in a residential area, any boat boat or empty boat trailer; either or both.”

One woman is for boats being parked on driveways, claiming, “We live in Florida; a boat being parked in a driveway seems like a given here.

“Those against it generally claim the boats can be eye-sores.

Meanwhile, some are in the middle, like one man that stated, “I’m for it, but prefer some stipulations. Such as legally registered boat/trailer. Trailer not missing any tires. Don’t want run down projects sitting in the driveway.”

Should citizens be allowed to store boats in driveways? Let us know where you stand.