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Daylight Saving Time

Back in November, Senator Steube filled a bill to cut daylight saving time. He proposed that the state of Florida stay on Standard time all year round and end daylight savings. The bill has been recently tweaked by the Senate and is now known as the Sunshine Protection Act.

The Sunshine Protection Act looks to keep our sunshine state nice and sunny. The Senate does want to put an end to changing our clocks twice a year. Yet, instead of staying in Standard Time, Florida will observe Daylight Saving time. Having the state of Florida in Daylight Saving time over Standard time will allow for lighter evenings.

Not only would Florida not have to change the clocks twice a year, but the Senate also wants one single time zone for the entire state of Florida. This means those in the Panhandle currently operating on Central Standard time will join the rest of Florida in Eastern Standard time. Or would it turn into Eastern Daylight-Saving time?