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Daniels Pkwy and State Road 82 Intersection Gets a New Design

If you drive through the intersection of Daniels Pkwy and State Road 82 then you know traffic can be a pain. Don’t worry, there is a plan to ease that pain. Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) calls it a Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI).

We stopped by FDOT and talked with Zac Burch, FDOT Communications Manager, to see what benefits this new design will bring to that intersection.

“It’s an innovative intersection. It’s gonna be the first one in the state,” Burch said. “It’s very exciting it’s the most efficient intersection that we can design without building an overpass.”

The left turn lane will be about 800 feet before the intersection. Cars will cross over to the other side of opposing traffic making all lanes, turning and straight, able to go at once. Usually, time would be split to let the turning lanes go and then the straight lanes. With this, they can proceed simultaneously.

“It really makes it much quicker much more efficient. And reduces the intersection by a whole red light signal phase,” Burch said. This will cut about two or three minutes of waiting time.

Burch mentioned the intersection might be confusing at first, but he says there will be plenty of signs to help you navigate.

“This is the most efficient intersection that we can build meaning it can handle the most traffic the most turning movement the most volume of cars that go through it.”

You can see the full FDOT model at: