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Cyber Security A Focus-Point As Collier County Begins Election Prep

“So we’re really focused on getting the message out to our voters that our voting system is secure,” said Trish Robertson with the Collier County elections staff.

The staff has been in full-swing election preparation mode for about two weeks now. Like so many others, Collier County is pushing early voting, mail-in ballots, and voter preparation. But a big talking point this year is cyber security and how it’ll be handled.

Robertson said cyber security focus is the big difference between this election and elections of years past.

She said in 2016, there was an attempt to compromise Collier County’s voter registration system.

“So we are increasing our security,” she said in response, “We’re going to install a security-network monitoring system called Albert.”

Adding to that, Governor Rick Scott requested money through a grant to help increase security at the local level.

In the mean time, “We’re really just trying to get voters to vote by mail,” said Robertson.

“We’re going to see a long ballot which could equal long lines,” she continued.

Most counties have pushed for mail-in ballots. But for those really wanting to vote in person, “Just know before you go,” she said.

Robertson recommends filling out a sample ballot at home and then transferring it once at the polls. It’s easier, it’s quicker. Ad will have you ready to limit the wait in long lines — and prevent them.

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