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Cryptocurrencies in SWFL

11:16 AM, Sep 11, 2018

It seems like every decade or so, a new technology is developed that creates some revolution that moves us forward. The assembly line and the creation of mass productions formulated the Industrial revolution, and decades after, computers allowed us to do calculations at speeds so fast, that every household ended up making them part of their daily lives.

Now we have the internet, and it has given the people the most powerful tool we’ve ever had in our history: access to fast and free information from all around the world. It gave people the power that only a few were able to have.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin could be the next big revolution. At least that’s what Brandon Borkowski believes. He is a Sophmore student at Florida Gulf Coast University , who wants to make a club on campus that talks and teaches about cryptocurrencies and the technologies behind it. Cryptocurrencies have been buzzing lately like never before, so I asked Brandon to briefly explain to us what Cryptocurrencies can do to change the world.

Here’s what he told me:

“Say what you want, but bitcoin wasn’t just a good idea that was attractive to people (marketable, and sellable). Bitcoin is not a stock. It was created to give the world a new system of transferring value so that we don’t have to go through, or put trust in, a central authority. It all started on a new system of technology called Blockchain that opened doors to a world we couldn’t open before. This will be in history books.”

Brandon is currently looking for student officers and an advisor to be able to create the club on campus. If you’re interested, you can contact him at