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Crime Stoppers Expects Local Car Break-Ins to Increase

If you feel like car break-ins are in your Southwest Florida news feed almost every day, Trish Routte at SWFL Crime Stoppers said it’s not just in your head.

“It’s a thing. A constant thing,” Routte said.

She believes the break-ins are only about to increase.

“With the school year coming to a close, you can set your calendar to see an uptick starting in about t-minus three weeks from now,” she told us.

Routte has simple tips to avoid being the next victim.

“Nine times out of ten, a car will not get broken into if it’s locked,” she said.

Routte said car owners should make sure to lock their doors and bring in valuables.

We will have more on this story at the end of the day, May 16.