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Could a Hurricane Be the Solution to Red Tide?

The last thing we want is another hurricane, but could it be a way to blow red tide out of Southwest Florida?

Marine biologist Bruce Neill said water constantly moves, especially during those high-powered storms.

“So when we have a large storm event come in, it breaks all of that up and replaces the water that’s there with new water from further out,” Neill said.

Neil says this spreads out the red tide algae, making it go away.

“For red tides, the hurricane would be bad,” he said. “For us and red tide, it would serve to be beneficial because it would serve to break that up.”

So what are the latest guesstimates for hurricane season?

Experts at the National Hurricane Center we talked to said there’s a 60 percent change of having fewer hurricanes than normal, and zero to two hurricanes category three or higher.

Some experts predict we could have up to two hurricanes, which would be category three or higher.

“Maybe if we could order up just a small little hurricane that did no damage whatsoever then it’d be fantastic,” Neill said.

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Additional reporting by Anna Kohls and Rebecca Fath