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Consumer Alert! Beware of Counterfeit Coupons

Apparently, fake coupons are roaming around Southwest Florida.

“We do have quite a few issues in Florida, including Southwest Florida,” says Bud Miller, executive director of Coupon Information Corporation.

Coupon Information Corporation, CIC, keeps a running list of who, what, when and where they find counterfeit coupons.

For several years, CIC has been working with News America Marketing to address the coupon fraud issue. News America is currently running a nationwide campaign warning coupon users that they should stay clear of counterfeit coupons.

“People are making counterfeits and providing them for a fee. And that’s a felony,” Miller warns.

“If somebody is sending it over the internet, that’s wire fraud. And if it’s through the mail, that’s mail fraud,” he says.

And if you’re caught using fake coupons, you may face a penalty. Miller says an arrest was made in Georgia where a man was sentenced to five years in jail, 10 years probation and full restitution all because he was involved in coupon fraud.

Where are people getting fake coupons?

It’s been reported that fake coupons are being circulated through private social media groups like Facebook and Instagram.

Miller warns consumers that they should never pay for coupons. Not even on eBay.

Where do you get real coupons?

  • Authorized Distributors
  • Directly from the manufacturer
  • Newspapers
  • Stores