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Congressman Rooney Questions How HUD Failed Jones Walker Tenants

1:34 PM, Oct 01, 2018


Jalyn Henderson

It’s been several months since residents of Jones Walker and Sunrise Towers Apartments have been trying to get the Housing Urban Development and the owners of the property to take care of broken pipes, mold, stairwells and insect infestation.

Congressman Francis Rooney had a discussion with Senator Marco Rubio, Mayor Randall Henderson and City Manager Saeed Kazemi. Congressman Rooney said the group talked about the “despicable conditions” at Sunrise Towers and Jones Walker Apartments .

Congressman Francis Rooney Questions How HUD Failed Jones Walker Apt. Tenants

Congressman Rooney hopes his personal connection with Secretary of HUD Ben Carson, will help breakthrough some of the bureaucratic obstacles.

“Sometimes with these big agencies if you don’t know someone at the top or near the top, they just ignore you,” Rooney said, a congressperson from Florida's 19th congressional district.

Treetop Development, which is based out of Teaneck, NJ, owns Jones Walker Apartment .

Treetop has been charged more than $250,000 worth of fines for not meeting city code.

“I think we need to find out if the government will cut them off," Rooney said, "or maybe even take the property away from them."


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