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Conflict over Gen. Lee Bust Continue at City Council Meeting

Some citizens say the bust is offensive and should be removed.

Conflict over the bust of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in downtown Fort Myers continued at Monday night’s city council meeting.

10 people spoke during open comment about the issue, eight asking for the bust to be removed and two in support of it.

“I’ve been to places in the world where they tear down monuments and I don’t want to see it here,” said Robert Gates, a supporter of the bust.

“I think of what America used to be. I think of racism, white supremacy,” said Bryan Oliva Infante, “The symbol of racism that Robert E. Lee is not Justice for all,”

Steve Fabian supports the bust and quoted President Abraham Lincoln during his remarks.

“This is Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator, maybe we should take a look at his stance ‘I am not nor have I ever been in favor of bringing about the social-political equality of the races,’” said Fabian.

The city says they can’t take the bust down because it was donated by the daughters of the Confederacy. But they say they are listening to everyone’s opinion.