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Collier County Mulch Fire Could Last Weeks

Heather Mazurkiewicz of North Collier Fire explained how the fire started.

“About 1:30 yesterday afternoon… there was a large column of smoke… our crews discovered that one of the pieces of heavy equipment had caught fire and was spreading through the mulch.”

A mulch fire is a smoldering fire. Heat gets trapped in the bottom of the pile and slowly burns out. The humidity in the air, the temperature of the day, and the size of the mulch pile determines how long the fire is going to burn.

In the meantime, the miles-long column is going to be on the horizon on Immokalee and Jones Mining road.

And one last piece of advice from Heather, “If anyone has respiratory issues they should stay inside. As best as they possibly can. If they see flames call 911 but we are expected to see smoke for quite a whil