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Clean Water Movement: Death March for Water Quality

On Saturday, August 11, in downtown Fort Myers, the South Florida Clean Water Movement is rallying together for what they’re calling a death march.

A death march sounds scary but it’s really a protest against water quality issues in Southwest Florida.

John Heim is one of the leaders of this march, he has a passion for water quality. He says he’s fed up with red tide and blue-green algae.

“It’s just an absolute terrible impression of what our beautiful beaches generally look like,” said Heim.

Heim has been at the forefront of many protests and marches and now, he’s planning this demonstration for everyone who is frustrated about the conditions of Southwest Florida waterways.

The march starts in Centennial Park at 6 pm.

“Come out. Be a part of the community. Stand up for clean water as a basic human right and be outraged. This is about you,” said Heim.

Additional reporting by Rebecca Fath