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City of Fort Myers Using Tax Money to Pay for Dunbar Toxic Sludge Lawsuit

The debate over the toxic sludge near Dunbar continues.

Multiple news outlets have reported Fort Myers city leaders have agreed to spend as much money on lawyers as they can to fight a federal lawsuit that could force the city to clan up its South Street sludge landfill and pay damages that could come out of that.

Months ago the city told the Environmental Protection Agency it was going to clean up the site starting in November and ending early next year.

While the legal plans are getting funding, HelloSWFL could not find any reports on how much the city is planning to spend on cleanup.

The city started dumping those toxins there in the 1960s. The people who moved to that area were never told what they were living on.

“I’m not concerned about money and all that, I want to live some more.” Almeda Jones who lives near the area, said. She’s more concerned about her health.

“I have a 46 year old son, a 26 year old,” she said. “I’m 66, we are all 20 years a part, that is what I’m concerned about.”

Her family has lived right across the street from the landfill that’s been dumped with toxic waste since 2013.

Crews were at the site Tuesday afternoon. Not cleaning up, but testing. Geologist Scott McManus from GFA International said he was testing ground water on South Street for arsenic. GFA runs monthly water to monitor arsenic concentrations.

Back in October and December, high levels of arsenic were found in the water. The tests will determine if it’s linked to toxic waste.

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Reporting by Allyssa Dickert