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Citrus County Could Stop Dunbar Sludge from Entering County Lines

10:02 AM, Oct 09, 2018

Citrus County officials are trying to get more information from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection about the handling and transport of the Dunbar sludge.

The county administrator, Randy Oliver, and other officials learned about the City of Fort Myers plan to remove the sludge and having it treated at a limestone quarry north of Crystal River after reading an article in the Citrus County Chronicles .

Citrus County Looking for Answers

Public Information Officer Cynthia Oswald said Oliver made phone calls, sent emails and certified letters to the FDEP looking for some answers.

“We are still waiting on the FDEP to provide us with the official transportation plan for the sludge into our county," said Oswald during a phone interview with HelloSWFL.

“Yes, we know it’s going to be transported by truck. We know it’s going to the mine and it’s going to be mixed with limestone, but we don’t know what those safety precautions are going to be when it’s in our county,” Oswald explained.

Although Citrus County is aware of the process, Oswald said the FDEP has not given them the official plan or the assurance that the sludge is environmentally safe.

Citrus County Commissioners will discuss the tropic at the regular board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018.

Randly Oliver talked to several media outlets and said Citrus County might file a court injunction to stop the sludge from entering its town until FDEP fully address the county's concerns.

FDEP did not return HelloSWFL's repeated calls or emails seeking comment.


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