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Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Warns Of Disguised Caller ID Scam

Think twice before picking up that phone call.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office said there’s been an increase in phone scams throughout Southwest Florida lately.

“We actually had two people call in and say their caller ID had the sheriff’s office non-emergency line,” Katie Heck with the sheriff’s office said.

She said these were some pretty intense scams and yet another one to watch out for.

So, when it’s getting as intricate as disguised caller ID and fake identification, how is anyone supposed to be prepared?

The same rules apply.

“Our top tips are that when people call you or ask you for money over the phone, most businesses or government entities will not ask for payments over the phone,” Heck said.

Another thing to watch for is pre-paid gift cards. Heck said these scammers often ask for payment through them.

“We recommend disconnecting that phone call and then calling that government or agency back with the number that you know,” Heck said.

Keep your eyes peeled!