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Card Skimmers are Still Being Found in Cape Corals Gas Stations

Within a week two card skimmers were found at gas station pumps in Cape Coral

Card skimmer are still being found at Cape Corals gas stations. At the 7-Eleven off Santa Barbara Boulevard and Gleason Parkway, a card skimmer was located thanks to one employee’s cell phone. The skimmer was a Bluetooth skimmer that can send card information wirelessly. The City of Cape Coral will require gas stations to step up their security to fight card skimmers in May.

The city of Cape Coral passed an ordinance in March that would crack down on gas station skimmers by requiring them to either install locks that are unique to each station, install a system that would shut the pump off if it’s been tampered with or install a system that encrypts customers card information.

Now since these requirements are not going to start until May here are some steps you can take to avoid getting your card hacked:

  1. Before you pay take some time to examine the gas pump. Make sure that the panel is closed and doesn’t show signs of tampering. Some pumps have labels that show “void” which means the machine has been tampered.
  2. Look at the card reader before you put your card. Some crooks instal scanning devices within the card reader to steal card information. When possible run your debit card as a credit card. It is easier to access your information with a debit card pin
  3. Lastly whenever you can pay with cash. This is a sure way not to get your information stolen. If you do not want to deal with cash then you can invest in gas/gift cards. You can find these at any store. You can pick a specific gas station card. Load the card with however much money you want. Then just swipe the card at the pump.

Another way to prevent your information to be stolen is to always check your accounts regularly for suspicious activity. Make this a habit. Go through your transactions to make sure every purchase was made by you.