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Cape Coral's First Community Garden Comes to Life

5:33 PM, Sep 24, 2018


Tamika Cody

Cape Coral residents who have a knack for gardening will soon have a place to sew a few seeds. The Rotary Club is just about done with building the very first community garden in Cape Coral.

The community garden is located on the north side of City Hall.

Cape Coral's First Community Garden Comes to Life

Starting on Oct. 1, garden enthusiasts will be able to rent a plot of their own for $100 a year and can plant anything they want.

“They’ll be able to plant their vegetables, herbs, flowers,” Kerry Runyon said, Cape Coral Parks and Recreation director.

When it's time to harvest, members are asked to donate a portion of their bounty.

“We are asking them to donate 20 percent of what they grow to the Caring Center, which helps families in need,” Elmer Tabor said, who is the chairman of the Rotary Community Garden Project.

Contributions helped drive this project with $100,000 in donated material from Rotary’s community partners.

The Rotary Club built a total of 52 raised 4x8 foot boxes. Five of the boxes will be higher off the ground, so it's easier for people with a handicap to access.

There is also a garden filled with sunflowers, as well as trees which will attract bees necessary for pollination.

And for those who don’t have a green thumb, classes will be offered so they can learn the basics. Gardeners will also have access to tools and mulching compost bins.

The Rotary Community Garden’s grand opening is Saturday, Sept. 29, at 12 p.m.

If you're interested in renting a plot, reach out to the Rotary Park at 239.549.4606.


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