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Cape Coral's Bimini Basin

Cape Coral City Council leaders have been working tirelessly to revamp Bimini Basin. Recently, they released a video animating where the proposed downtown center will go, and one of the places that will be paved over is Four Freedoms Park.

A popular park for families and boats.

According to the literature on the project, the revamp will bring an economic boom to the area. The Bimini Basin project has been in the works for a very long time and some residents think the city has too many delayed projects.

We’ve reached out to the Mayor’s office to see if this park will be grandfathered into the plan or spared in any way. As of right now, we have not heard back.

The most recent council meeting only went over some of the plans and rezoning issues and the city still has to address the basin’s poor water quality. Currently, the future of the park may seem to be in doubt but a lot can happen between now and when the project is approved.

So, what do you think of the plan to transform the park into a shopping center?