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Cape Coral Recovery House Was Recently Involved in a Criminal Investigation

Cape Coral police say Sean Russette was taking advantage of the patients living at Serenity Recovery Living.

The incident caused many in the neighborhood to become alarmed that there is a halfway house nearby.

So, we decided to dig in these recovery homes to see if there are any grounds for these fears. What we found was, it depends on the house.

There are different kinds of recovery houses and each deal with the issue a patient has. Such as drug addiction, mental health issues, and yes, rehabilitation from time in prison.

Steven: “Most of the recovery housing is not like that. But there are licensed housing and certified housing then there are houses who don’t have those types of regulations.”

According to Steven Hill of Salus Care, the certification is the key difference between a recovery house bringing positive change to people’s lives and ones that don’t.

Steven: “A certified house is the one house in the neighborhood you can count on being drug-free. It requires weekly drug test all the time and if you fail, you’re immediately out.”

Salus Care provided these requirements they have to follow. The last core principle on the list is being a good neighbor.

If patients violate these core principles, they would be released from the care program. Something most don’t want to do because certified facilities like Salus Care have a high recovery rate.

Steven: “There are all kinds of ways to measure success but with the most common ones we are in the 90th percentile.”

If you want to know if the recovery house is certified or not, you can look them up on Florida Association of Recovery Residences to see their certification.