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Cape Coral Police Urgently Hiring

Cape Coral Police Department is hiring and will need to fill slots in time for the 2018-2019 school year.

“We have an authorized number to fill, and the SRO situation made it a lot more urgent,” said Cpl. Philip Mullen, Public Affairs Officer for CCPD.

After the Parkland shooting in February, Florida’s lawmakers pushed to add more School Resource Officers throughout the state.

“We’re usually about five or six spots down at any given time,” Cpl. Mullen said explaining that most of those vacancies are due to attrition and retirement.

“But now the governor has signed into law that all the schools have to be staffed. So now we have to put about 25 officers in our Cape Coral schools,” Cpl. Mullen said.

Who Should Apply?

  • If you earned your Associates Degree or 60 college credits within five years of hire, from an accredited college, you could apply.
  • If you’re currently enrolled in a Florida CJSTC approved Criminal Justice Academy for Law Enforcement, you can apply.
  • If you possess a current Florida Law Enforcement Certification or a current Law Enforcement Certification that is eligible for Equivalency of Training (EOT) with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, you can apply.
  • If you possess a current Florida Correctional Officer or Correctional Probation Officer Certification within three (3) years of continuous, uninterrupted full-time service, you can apply.

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