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Cape Coral Plans to Spend $100,000 on License Plate Readers

Some people have problems with it. Others don’t. Let’s dig in.

Cape Coral Police Department thinks it’s worth it. It has been reported they believe the readers would stop criminals and perhaps prevent crime.

Now, we called the ACLU they see what they have to say about privacy issues. However, their local chapter in Collier County doesn’t have a working number or email address.

They have a list of grievances they think need to be fixed. Their demands they posted on their website are:
· License plate readers may be used by law enforcement agencies only.
· The government must not store data about innocent people.
· People Should be able to find out if plate data of vehicles registered to them.
· Law enforcement agencies should not share license plate reader data.
· Any entity that uses license plate readers should be required to report.

Some Cape Coral residents like Mike Hollow thinks it’s nice the city is doing something but maybe not the right thing.

“Yes, it’s great we’re being proactive as a city but I think that money needs to be used somewhere else so we can see an added benefit, you know? More cops on the street more cops to walk the beat, that’s going to have more an effect than anything else down there.” Explained, Mike Hollow.

This is how the readers work. The reader takes a picture of the back of a car. That picture is scanned by six algorithms to turn the picture into letters. Those letters are then sent to the Cape Coral Police Department.

To get a broader opinion I posted this facebook poll to Cape Coral Residents about the issue. As of this recording, 110 people don’t like them, 62 people do, 55 don’t care and, I swear this was added by someone else, two people say “They can’t find me with my tin foil hat on, they’re watching us, man.”

The city wants to move forward with the readers. Let them know if you agree or disagree.