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Cape Coral Testing New "Bubble Curtain" to Prevent Blue-Green Algae

The New Tech Will Go Near Cape Coral Bridge
3:20 PM, Oct 22, 2018


Chloe Nordquist

Cape Coral is installing a “bubble curtain” into the waterways as the newest effort to remove blue-green algae.

Cape Coral Testing New "Bubble Curtain" to Prevent Blue-Green Algae

HelloSWFL has reported on the homemade noodle contraptions community members built themselves to keep algae away and the vacuum the county was using to suck the algae out. Now, the bubble curtain is being used near the Cape Coral bridge to prevent it from getting into canals.

The air compressors will push air out into diffusers that have their own pressure and flow. This creates a constant flow of air all the way across the mouth of the canal.

“Anything that’s floating down the river — whether it’s trash, whether it’s cut grass clippings, floating coconuts, anything that’s floating down the river you’ll see it be diverted by the system”,” Robbin Huffines, General Manager of Vertex Water Features, said.

The test project is free for three weeks. If it works, the city can either buy it for $46,000 or rent it out for $2,000 a week.

“It would literally be as simple as just walking out and flipping a switch to turn the system on whenever we have a bloom starting to come down the river to keep it out of these canal systems,” Huffines said.

“We just want to be prepared in the event we get a bad release coming down the river again,” Cape Coral Mayor Joe Coviello said.


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