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Cape Coral Neighbors Create Innovative Algae Solution

“The smell really starts to get to you after a while.”

One neighborhood in Cape Coral has had enough, so a few neighbors got together to build an algae boom.

That’s right — a homemade solution to keep blue-green algae out of their backyards.

It was built by Margaret and Thomas Krym, and a few of their neighbors.

It is made of two feet of pool cage screen sewn together into a single panel and weighted down with dive weights. The top of the screen has a sleeve and is slid onto 90-foot length of PVC pipe.

Jim Limbright lives right next to it and didn’t even know it was there, but Jim said he wasn’t even mad at all.

“I was impressed, somebody did some good thinking, it’s not complex at all,” Limbright said. “It’s very very effective, keeping that sludge out of the canal, I wish to heck I would thought about it.”

Jim said the algae hasn’t been too bad on his side of the canal these past few days.

“It gets terribly bad, the green gets so bad that the water is completely covered,” he said. “On a scale of 1-10 we’re a two or three today, if you had been here two or three days ago it was covered in green and all sorts of this blue stuff.”

Cape Coral police came to check out the boom. Turns out, technically it’s not legal because it’d a navigational hazard for boats.

But the officer did say because Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency, it’s an “extraordinary time” so they’re fine with it — as long as it’s temporary.

The city is even looking at exploring this method. Margaret Krym, one of the people behind the creation of the boom, told us in an e-mail:

“The way our community pulled together to make this happen was a wonderful thing. We have great neighbors. It could not have happened if we hadn’t all done our part. Now we are all so grateful that the algae stink is gone and we can use our patios again.”

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Reporting by Terrace Myles