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Cape Coral May Decrease Protections For Bald Eagles

Cape Coral has been tossing around the idea of easing up on the protections it has in place for bald eagles.

“The city has an ordinance for 1,100 feet during nesting season that you build. They want to drop it to 660, which is state and federal rules.”

Pascha Donaldson is a real eagle advocate. She says that the number has been higher in Cape Coral for a reason and doesn’t think it should change.

“For Cape Coral, I think this would be a mistake because we don’t have tall trees. The difference between height and distance is what’s protecting our eagles,” said Donaldson.

“This helps the eagles because they spook very easily during nesting season. If you increase that to 660, it doesn’t allow enough protection.”

She says if the distance changes, bald eagles will eventually stop nesting in the area.

“It’s not all year round, it’s just the time of nesting season. So it may delay things.”

Nesting season is from October to May – any other time of the year there is no limitation.

The protection question is on the list right now for the Cape Coral City Council. It will be discussed Monday (May 14th).

“I think our rules and ordinances and regulations are supposed to benefit the majority of people and by keeping this eagle ordinance we will be benefiting the majority of people. “