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Cape Coral Has Turned Down The Water Pressure For Its Residents

All because the Southwest Florida area is suffering an above average drought.

But does lower pressure mean weak showers, slow sinks, and firefighters unable to extinguish fires?

“That’s not the water we’ll be using because it would be more if you are watering your yard.” Explained Andera Schuch of Cape Coral Fire Department.

She calmed our nerves when it comes to the department’s ability to fight fires under the new restrictions.

“It can be a cause for concern, however,” Andrea continued, “the fire trucks carry a 1000 gallons of water on them each. So, the first unit to arrive on scene if there is a fire, they don’t actually connect to hydrant from the truck to the hose.”

There several different types of water systems the Cape Coral uses. Those inside the home and the ones for outside or irrigation. It’s only the irrigation water lines that are being affected.

The city has posted watering schedules to let you know when you can use your sprinkler system. Those schedules are posted on their website, facebook page, and all media outlets, like the one you are currently reading. We’ll update you on any future changes.

Residents are allowed to fill up a pale inside their home and then water your plants outside.

If you feel you are still out of the loop, you can call 3-1-1. Give them your name, address and email and they’ll be able to inform you of any updates.