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Cape Coral Construction: What It Means

4:57 PM, Dec 04, 2018


Tianna Jenkins, Tamika Cody

If you live in Cape Coral, you've probably seen the construction going on.

Cape Coral is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States and the city is trying to keep up with all of the people moving in.

Its solution? To extend the city's utilities.

Cape Construction Costs Millions

The project was first introduced in 2012, but the city didn't finalize the funding or plans to start it until October 2017.

That's when ground broke for the first phase of the project, North 2, which is supposed to be done in April 2020.

After that, crews will work to finish the nine remaining phases of the project.

This huge extension is expected to cost almost $270 million.

Here's what's changing: crews will be taking out the septic tanks and drain fields that can no longer support the huge population in the Cape.

They'll be replaced by individual, city-run water wells.

The city says the wells will help bring safe drinking water, provide high-pressure water used to fight fires and help with stormwater drainage.

To use this new water system, homeowners will have to hire plumbers to connect them.

If they can pay upfront, the set-up will cost $18,000. But if they can't do that, they can spread out the payments over 20 years and pay a total of $32,000.

The remainder of the money to pay for the project is from grants and city funds.

To keep track of the Utilities Extension Project, head to Cape Coral's website.