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Cape Coral City Council Raises Waste Fees

On Monday night, the Cape Coral city council approved a $6 dollar increase in waste disposal fees. It will bring the annual fee to approximately $196.22. That’s a total fee increase of 15 dollars in two years

People in Cape Coral weren’t very surprised. They also said they’re unhappy with waste pro’s service and blamed them for the fee increase. But they aren’t the ones who made this decision.

Lee County asked for the increase to offset the costs of inflation and the declining debt service. According to the county, the extra funds will help cover Increased operation costs from hurricane Irma, construction for new waste management facilities, and increased operating costs and contracts.

So if Lee County needed to raise its fees, why didn’t waste pro?

We talked to Waste Pro Division Manager Bill Jones who told us that they looked at increasing the fees but at this point Waste Pro didn’t need to. So they decided not to.

At this point, there’s no telling if there will be another fee increase next fiscal year, but if there is, the county and waste pro say they’ll let you know exactly where that money’s going.