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Cape Coral Adding More Emergency Water Pumps

Hurricane Irma left the streets of Southwest Florida wet and dirty — but it wasn’t just hurricane debris.

Irma cut the power for several cities, preventing wastewater pumps from doing their jobs properly. So much so, sewage waste ended up on people’s front lawns.

But Cape Coral has plans to stop that from happening again this year.

Monday night Cape Coral City Council voted to spend almost half a million dollars on 3 new emergency water pumps.

The additional pumps will help keep waste treatment operations running during power outages.

The city already has 33 water pumps and power generators, but the state is requiring them to add more.

However this doesn’t mean an increase in your taxes. The money will come from the city’s water and sewer fund.

The money for this fund was budgeted last year after Hurricane Irma and adds up to $2 million.