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Buyer Beware, use Facebook Marketplace With Care

Like when Eric John Marquis tried to sell on Facebook marketplace. Items he got with a five-finger discount.

The latest place to get stolen items is Facebook Marketplace. It’s happening more regularly.

We chatted with Sgt. Sawyer of Collier County Sheriff’s Office to see what people can do if they end up buying stolen goods and if you can get in trouble for it.

“In order to be prosecuted or arrested for possession of stolen property, you would have to know or should have known the item was stolen.” Sgt. Sawyer calmly assures us.

Our online shopping suggestions to try are:

· Meeting up person to person at a public location. A police station would be a plus. If the seller doesn’t show then they are not trustworthy.
· If it looks too good to be true, it most likely is.
· Try to get a bill of sale notarized.

“If something looks like it’s potentially stolen you need to deal with that immediately and not hold on to it.” advises Sgt. Sawyer.

Sgt. Sawyer went on to say that you need to let the police know when your stuff is stolen. Once you do, they’ll tell you exactly what to do next.

Stay safe SWFL