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Bus Ride: How Dependable is Lee Tran

Lee Tran is the only public transportation system in Southwest Florida that caters to the people in Lee County. Lee Tran buses have been on the road since the 1970s. It covers more than 400 miles of roadway throughout the county and has 22 routes.

It is a critical part of the community and most residents don’t realize their tax dollars pay for it.

Lee Tran will generate more than $12 million in revenue in 2018. The money is used to cover part of the operating costs.

If you’re a senior citizen, or a student your fare is only $0.75. For everyone else, a one-way bus ride on Lee Tran is $1.50.

If you’re a frequent rider, you can save a few dollars with a $40 monthly pass.

Additional reporting by Jalyn Henderson