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Bubble Technology Could Be a Solution for Toxic Blue-Green Algae

Bubbles. That could be the answer for killing blue-green algae.

NABAS Group is the company that came up with the bubble machine that can kill the algae.

NABAS calls it gas delivery system technology.

How does it work? Water goes up the pump, into the tank and makes tiny bubbles. The bubble are so tiny they’d fit inside a human hair and are filled with oxygen and ozone.

Then, the machine pumps the bubbles into the water. Thew tiny bubbles can’t handle the pressure from the lake, so they collapse.

When the bubbles collapse, the ozone is released and it is like a disinfectant that kills the twins in the algae.

“So if you look here, two days ago when we started this, this intake pump was green,” Ben Lee with NABAS Group Inc. said. “Like, leaf green. But it’s not green anymore.”

Lee says that’s how the machine works, and once the algae dies it turns white.

“This is the tell-tale sign that the system is doing it’s work,” Lee said.

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Another benefit to the bubble machine is that it adds oxygen to the water which helps the fish.

“One of the real benefits to the environment with this type of technology is as the water quality is being proved by higher oxygen levels, there’s no chance of oxygen depletion or fish kills that sometime happen when you’re trying to have an impact on algae,” Director of Lake Management Florida for Solitude Lake Management Bill Kurth.

The key to the machine is the quantity and size of the bubbles.

But this is just a test site for now. There is hope that this tech could be used for larger areas like Lake Okeechobee.