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Boy Scouts Of America Name Change

The Boy Scouts of America is making big changes within its organization including changing one of its programs name.

On May 2nd the organization Boy Scouts Of America revealed its new campaign called ‘Scout Me In’ showing how the organization is opening up its doors and campfires to both boys and girls.

It’s been less than a year since it announced it was going to start letting girls join.

There has been a lot of outcry on social media and a lot of people have questions.

Here’s what’s changing.

Now all of your little ones can join Cub Scouts together. Cub Scouts will accept all youth from ages 5-years-old to 10-years-old starting this summer.

Will they be in the same den or group? No, boys and girls will meet in separate groups.

Boy Scouts of America is not changing its whole name. The only name it will be changing is its flagship program. It will no longer be called Boy Scouts and will assume the name of Scouts BSA.

The program is expected to kick off in February 2019.

Boys and girls ages 11-years-old through 18-years-old will be able to join. They can meet in the same place, but will have separate units lead by separate adults.

Activities such as venturing, exploring and Learning for Life, Inc. will all stay the same. It will just be coed programs.

What does this mean for the Girl Scouts Organization? Nothing.

They are are going to remain up and running and doing their own thing.

But 3,000 girls across the nation have already started joining the new BSA movement.