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Boat Safety with Captain Jack

Seventeen people died after a horrific accident on Thursday night. A duck boat sank in a lake in Missouri.

We turned to Captain Jack in Matlacha who explained safety is a top priority for his guests.

“Once we get on the boat and seated we bring out the life jackets,” Captain Jack said.

Lifevests have to be on board the boat for every passenger, and children six and under must be wearing the life jacket at all times.

Captain Jack has been a captain for more than 40 years. His tour boats are stocked and ready to go with equipment to keep him and his guests safe on the water.

He has blankets, Coast Guard approved emergency signals, first aid kits, water coolers, flashlights, and a horn you can blow into. There are also binoculars and suntan lotion.

“We’re out here boating safety were with families, and we want to make everyone comfortable, and we don’t want to debate the law,” Captain Jack said.

He’s out on the water multiple times a day, but that all depends on the weather

“Now if it should look bad we postpone to a later hour if it looks really bad or lighting, of course, we will not leave the dock,” he said.

Reporting by Brittany Muller