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Billy Creek Preserve Has A High Level Of Bacteria From Birds And Dogs

The City of Fort Myers announced they found high levels of bacteria from bird and dog feces in Billy Creek Preserve.

The results sound gross and concerning but it’s not as concerning as you may think.

Billy Creek Preserve acts as a natural filter of rain runoff. Every month, the city tests the creek for bacteria levels to make sure the three-million-dollar investment is working properly.

Last September’s test saw and sudden upshot in bacteria levels. The city had to figure out why.

There are a lot of possible causes of high bacteria: dying plants, improperly disposing of dog droppings, human pollution, the creek may need dredging up, and hurricanes.

The flooding from hurricane Irma could have poured extra bacteria into the creek. The current drought won’t allow the extra bacteria from going anywhere.

From the report, we obtained from the city, the identification of the source of the DNA only tells a small part of the puzzle. More testing is required to nail down the source.

Right now, the city told us the report is helpful but is still not enough to formulate a plan to combat it. Also, the upcoming rain season may correct the issue without the city doing anything.

In the meantime, the city advises to pick up pet waste and to dispose of trash properly