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Being Alerted to Tornadoes in an Area Lacking Sirens

Much of Florida does not have sirens or alert systems in place for tornadoes, so how can you be prepared?

The Florida Division of Emergency Management held a statewide tornado drill January 24th.

If you’re from the midwest, you’re probably used to tornado sirens, but there are areas in Florida that don’t have them.

So how do you know for sure if there’s a tornado looming?

Thankfully, we do have the technology. The American Red Cross has an application for tornadoes. Tornado: American Red Cross features an audible siren when NOAA issues a tornado warning for any of your monitored locations.

The Weather Channel application also offers real-time national weather service notifications of severe weather.

And the NOAA Radar Weather and Alerts application offer a look at the current weather and how it could impact you.