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Are Mid-Week Holidays Good for Businesses?

The Fourth of July fell on a Wednesday this year.

While many offices and businesses were closed for Independence Day many were still open.

Hello SWFL wanted to know if the holiday being on a Wednesday was good or bad for businesses.

The American Automobile Association or AAA expected this independence day to have the most travelers on record.  Lee County Government Communication Specialist, Tim Engstrom, says a mid-week holiday could be challenging for some businesses.

“However, in some cases, people may choose to take the whole week off,” Engstrom says.

“Some may pair it with the first weekend and some may pair it with the second weekend, which can be good for the hoteliers/businesses and result in two strong weekends instead of one.”

Some business owners and staff on Fort Myers Beach say business was slow for them. While others say the holiday being on a Wednesday didn’t affect them at all.

Independence Day is set to be on the 4th of July every year. There is no changing it just like Christmas.

Many people Hello SWFL talked to today say the dates aren’t changing and the only thing you can do is adapt.