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And the #1 Spot Goes to ... Cape Coral-Fort Myers

Cape Coral-Fort Myers area takes the number one spot as the most dangerous for pedestrians

In a study that ranked the 104 largest metropolitan areas in the country nine out of the top eleven most dangerous areas for pedestrians are in Florida.

According to the study “Dangerous by Design” the Cape Coral-Fort Myers area is in the number one spot as the most dangerous metropolitan area in the country. The study ranked the 104 largest metro areas and nine out of the top 11 most dangerous areas for pedestrians are in Florida.

The city does have programs to inform the public on pedestrian and bicyclist safety. For instance the Cape Coral Police Department has partnered with the Florida Department of Transportation to remind everyone of some safety tips especially. Some tips that they give are:

  1. Make sure you always walk on the sidewalk and if there isn’t one then walk facing traffic.
  2. Pedestrians and bicyclists should not wear headphones or talk on their phones.
  3. Make sure you always cross streets at marked crosswalks or intersections

A study by Governors Highway Safety Association found that pedestrian fatalities has significantly increased 27 percent since 2007. In the first six months of 2017 there were 5,984 pedestrians fatalities and 303 of those fatalities were here in Florida.

The city of Cape Coral is planning to approve a grant of $700,000 that would add 2.3 miles of sidewalks. The first stretch of sidewalk will be from SW 20th Avenue to Pine Island Road and the second stretch will go from SW 16th Court to SW 22nd Court. These new sidewalks will benefit pedestrians living near Trafalgar Elementary and Middle School.

The construction of these new sidewalks is expected to start in 2021.

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